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Too busy to find love? Selecting a life companion can be elusive for busy executives; work often takes precedence over personal interests, particularly for men who are expected to put their profession first while creating a secure nest to raise a family or share special moments with a loved one. It may be time to consider professional matchmaking services.
As one corporate executive put it, “I’m focused more on building an empire as a legacy and a comfortable lifestyle for retirement than I am on finding a suitable partner. I spend the majority of my personal time researching investments with the highest level of return, rather than seeking a soul mate that could ease the burden of helping me manage my multiple households and accompany me to social engagements. I’m beginning to re-think my strategy and enlist the help of a professional matchmaking service…I simply don’t have time in my hectic schedule to fulfill my quest to find the perfect partner.”
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Many professional matchmaking services pre-screen candidates, discuss current requirements and past experiences in depth to assess needs and narrow searches down for clients by providing quality rather than quantity matches. Some services will make arrangements for first dates and provide feedback from both parties to determine what each did and didn’t like about the other. Matchmaking service companies vary by the quality and caliber of clients they attract and manage, much as investment brokerage companies do. One of the best ways to determine if a matchmaking company suits your needs is to ask close friends for a referral or research satisfied client testimonials online.
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