She is a 10

“It went great!!!! She is a 10!!! She arrived with a big smile!!! and that’s my first priority!! A happy girl. Second, honest girl. 3rd I am looking for good inside…and I think she has all the 3!!! In exterior beauty she is a 11…and I think I am a 7, but I am more interested in the inside. Very smart!!!! Very classy!! Very well dressed!!! Very easy to talk to…natural…!!! We talk from 9….to 2 in the morning..until the restaurant closed!!!!  I was a little shy and didn’t know how to start; I am no expert. She is very natural. After one hour I just plain forgot about everything!!! I told her since the beginning I was looking for something serious and that I’m old fashioned. I made it clear that I’m not a billionaire and not to expect yachts or private jets, but that I have and live a good comfortable life. We talked about roots, her family and what she does and likes. I asked if she would like to see each other again and she said yes! I wanted to see her the next day but want to go slow. In about a month, I will be done with my heavy workload and will have lots of free time. Looks like she has a lot of brains and is well educated. She was not the girl I expected but she is a perfect fit! She’s great and I love her smile. Thanks for everything!”

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