How to court your girl in 5 simple steps…

Girls are very sensitive when it comes to courtshipThey value courtship so much. It is because this is all for them. The reason why courtship exists is not for the guys; it is certainly because for girls. In some other places, courting is already gone but if you want a long-lasting relationship with the woman you love, you should court, man!

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Basically, the primary goal of courtship is to get the sweetest ‘YES’ from her. In this stage of relationship, you and your woman are on the getting-to-know-each-other stage. This is the test whether you both are compatible to each other.  Courting is fun but it’s kinda hard though if it is your first time.

Here are the simple, easy steps that you might want to consider. Trust me, they’ll work.

1. Know her very well

This is the most important part in courting. Before taking a move, you should know your woman very well in order for you to get some idea on how to get on with her. The important things that you should know about her include the following:

  • Family
  • Religion
  • Friends
  • A little bit of her background

Today, it is very possible for us to get these information without excelling lots of efforts. We have social networks that we can count on with. Just browse her Facebook account or maybe her tweets in Twitter. Just be resourceful.

You can also ask her friends for advises and many other things that you will find interesting that involve her attitudes, her likes and dislikes, and everything that makes her happy. Please take note every little thing.

The best way of knowing her is through call and a simple text message. Texting plays a very nice role in courtship. A simple good morning and a sweet goodnight might lead to a thousand conversations with her. Ask her anything.

“The more I know you, the more I love you.” –Anonymous

2. Time: The Expression of Love

The next thing that you should do is to make some time with her. Time is very important for girls. They value each and every single moment of their lives when it comes to love.

You can ask her to go out of date or maybe a simple lunch will do just to prove to her that you are willing to be with her every single moment of the day.

Greet her good morning and goodnight or send love quotes more often.

Sometimes, she will test you. It is for her to know how sincere you are to her. She might ask, “Can you wait for me?” What will be your answer? According to my professor, “If waiting is the only way to prove my love for you, then I can wait. But, please don’t let me wait for nothing.”  Get it?

Time is gold but don’t rush, she will be disappointed if you can’t wait. Just enjoy courting her.

“Never look for someone who is not there. Instead, enjoy being with someone who gives time and spends it just for you.” –Anonymous

3. Listen is the best way to talk

Girls love guys who can sense what they feel. They love guys who are sensitive because these guys know how to make them happy when they are lonely.

As we all know girls talk too much. When I court my girl, she always do the talking and me was just like nodding all the time. I think that was really boring for her but I found out that she likes it. Maybe she’s different from other girls but girls are really expressive. They like to share what they really feel. That’s why they want someone who is willing to listen.

Don’t talk too much. Just be sensitive all the time. Sense her emotions. If she is happy with what you are doing then continue doing it, if not then find something that she might be interested. In this stage, you can apply what you have known during the first step.

Always give her the way to talk but if she runs out of topic anymore, then it’s time for you to take over. Please don’t make her feel boring. You can ask her questions just to continue the conversations or find some other techniques just to continue the current flow.

Listening is one way of knowing her.

If you want to please a girl, listen to her.” –Floreto B. Quinito Jr.

4. Efforts makes her fall in love

Most women will fall in love to a guy that excels more efforts than those who are not. Efforts counts more than anything that you can imagine. They are weakness of women, the power of men. No matter how hard it will be, just don’t give up. Instead, excel more efforts.

Meet with her friends, or maybe her family. Visit her at home or go to a place she often visits. Love what she loves. Buy her flowers and chocolates without thinking that it is very crazy. Don’t you know that they love crazy stuff? It is just too cool for them.

When you feel that she’s lonely, you can buy her lollipops or maybe a cone of ice cream. It is because she likes cute and childish stuffs. Make her day colorful

If she’s not in the mood, then cheer her up. You can make some love letters if you like–the longer, the better to let her know that you are sincere and of course, it is because for the reason that they like reading love letters.

In courting, you don’t need to have a bundle of cash. It is not marriage yet my friend, but few cash will do. You can buy a pack of chocolates or candies and share it with her. Or maybe invite her to watch a movie with the genre she likes. Love movies are perfect.

Success is the sum of small effort, repeated day in and day out.” – Robert Collier

5. Unpredictable moves are full of surprises

Women like surprises but unfortunately, they expect too much makes it harder for us to surprise them. But, if you could be unpredictable in some way or another, then it will go easy for you to surprise her.

For example, you could tell her that you will be late in your date but without her knowing you’re already outside of their house with a hand full of roses, waiting for her to come out.

When making surprises, don’t make it too public because some girls don’t like it especially those shy ones. To be safe, just make it with fewer people involved.

If you’re going to surprise her, plan it very well because for some reason, girls can sense what you’re planning. A small leak can make surprises ineffective and please avoid things that will make her expect because when she expects something, most probably disappointments will follow. It is because, in some situations, your surprises and her expectations did not coincide with each other, and that’s not good.

Be mysterious. Mysterious are cool. Don’t let her read your mind and actions. Don’t give too much information to her. Wait until she will raise questions to you, and that’s the time you will give it to her.

Surprise her more often, she’ll definitely love it. She will always cherish it for the rest of her life. Make it count.

When people expect me to go right, I`ll go left. I`m unpredictable” –Paula Abdul

These steps are just guides. I do hope that after reading this, you have come up to an idea on how to court your girl. Be creative and imaginative. Happy courting!

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