7 Couple-Themed Holiday Traditions to Start This Year

If you’re thinking of starting a holiday tradition with your new husband, it’s not too late! Here are seven ideas that you can try this year: 
Christmas Couple
1. Pick an ornament: If you get married around the holidays, one (or five!) wedding guests may get you an “Our First Christmas” ornament for your Christmas tree. You can continue this tradition, of course, by picking a special ornament together every year and writing, or painting, the date and your names on it each year. Better idea: Combine the ornament-picking excursion with a dinner date to your favorite restaurant. 
2. Have a cookie-frosting night: Even if your husband-to-be is all thumbs in the kitchen, chances are he’ll get in touch with his inner eight-year-old and love helping you bake cookies (and frost them). Also fun, but a bit more involved: We’ve heard about couples making gingerbread houses together each year. Though, a warning: If you make from scratch, the assembly process could be a test of your patience! 
3. Help a family in need: One of the sweetest holiday traditions may have little to do with either of you, but instead, the two of you helping others. We know of couples who, each year, sponsor a family through a local church or community charity and purchase their Christmas dinner, buy and wrap presents for the kids, and sometimes even deliver a Christmas tree. It’s a wonderful tradition for new couples to start and to continue over the years. 
4. Go caroling: Yes, yes, you can’t hold a tune (I can’t either), but there’s something special and joyful about singing old holiday carols on your neighbors’ doorsteps, or just in the comfort of your own living room. I know couples who venture out into the neighborhood and make this old-fashioned pastime their yearly holiday tradition, and I think it’s so cute (and, yes, brave!). 
5. Reflect and dream: Many couples love to set aside an evening around Christmastime to reflect on the past year and record their gratitude and also dream together about what the year ahead might hold. Writing it all in a special notebook that you keep in a special place in your home can be a wonderful bonding exercise that you look forward to each year. 
6. Have a holiday movie night: Here’s how it goes: You, him, a fire in the fireplace, a bowl of popcorn, maybe some eggnog, a warm blanket and holiday movie to watch as the snow falls. Better yet: make it a double-header and each of you pick your favorite. (Mine is always Love Actually!)
7. Take a goofy Christmas photo: Even if the “real” holiday photo you put on your card each year is more traditional, consider throwing on goofy sweaters or some crazy glasses and taking a more humorous photo to frame on the wall each year. Friends and family (and your future children?) will love seeing your lighter side, but the best part is that it will make the two of you laugh year after year.
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