Dating Etiquette for Men

Ok ladies and gentleman, we did a little study on ‘Dating Etiquette for Men’ and we asked a couple gentleman to help us out and here is what they said. Do you agree?
Gentleman by Choice

  • Think what would “George Clooney do?”.
  • Think classic gentleman.
  • Take charge when it comes to meeting.  Do some research and find a spot with a nice ambiance for dinner or drinks.  Be proactive trying to figure out a time to meet up.  Accommodate her schedule and availability.
  • The little things matter and the ladies will notice. Open doors, pull her chair out, help her with her coat…
  • Put the phone away and on silent.
  • Flowers are always appreciated, if it seems too forward, save them for the second date.
  • Remember to make good eye contact to show you are listening.
  • Feel free to talk a bit about yourself but keep the focus of the evening on learning about her.
  • Do not talk about your ex or problems at work. The date is about the here and now, not the past.
  • A classic gentleman will pick up the check. Always reach for it first.
  • Call, don’t text or e-mail and this goes for before the 1st date and to follow up afterwards. It’s just more personal.

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