How to end a bad relationship


Finding yourself in a bad relationship can be one of the most stressful things in life. What may have started out as exciting and promising can turn into a source of anger, sadness, or even fear. But leaving a hurtful relationship can be much easier said than done. There are many dynamics that can keep people stuck in a relationship that their rational mind tells them that they should leave. It should also be noted that even the most successful and powerful people could also be in bad relationships. Professional and personal lives can be very different.

It can also be easy to doubt oneself when trying to get out of a relationship. “How did I get here? Maybe I deserve this?” are very common thoughts for people caught in an unhappy or even abusive relationship. But always remind yourself that you are worthy of love, respect and happiness. You have so much to offer, but it has to be with someone who can respect and see who you really are. There can be compromise, but you should never settle.

The team at Valenti International found the article below very helpful on making clear steps to leave an unhealthy or unhappy relationship. It takes planning, determination and support to do it. We pride ourselves on providing safe and romantic introductions between happy, healthy and committed people. We are also here as a support for our clients to help them understand their relationships past, present and future.


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Posted by Dr. Edward Hernandez, Valenti International

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