Stop Making Excuses and Start Finding Love!


   The matchmaking team at Valenti has seen in its many years of experience how smart, successful and attractive people can limit themselves with negative thinking. They may believe that it is impossible to find the right partner or that they may not be worthy of truly intimate love. Believing things like “I’m too old to find love” or that “all the good ones are taken” can become excuses to stop looking for happiness. It can be understandable why someone who is good hearted and loving can believe in these negative thoughts. Opening yourself to a new relationship always involves some vulnerability and the potential for rejection. There is no denying the pain that can come from this. But sometimes people protect themselves so much, that they create barriers to any kind of vulnerability. This in turn, can reinforce their beliefs and excuses about being unworthy or unable to find love.

   The team at Valenti International has helped thousands of amazing people break out of these negative cycles and find quality relationships. While our team searches around the world (and around the block) for the right match, the key first step is to believe that there is hope. Increasing your awareness of any irrational, negative beliefs can allow you to feel more empowered and ready to find love. Our team of matchmakers is also a support to help people fully see and realize how wonderful they are and deserving of the right, committed relationship.

  Our team found this heart-warming article about recognizing and overcoming the excuses that can get I the way of finding love. We hope you enjoy it!



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