Top 3 Reasons You'll Find Love in Your Golden Years

Love later in life


  Finding love is a quintessential human experience, but one that can be daunting in our later years. Sometimes people feel that is it just not possible to find love in your golden years. While there are some unique challenges, there are many reasons that you should never give up hope for finding love!


  1. You have more time to enjoy life. Later in life, people usually have more freedom and flexibility to travel, pursue their passion and appreciate life. Along with this flexibility comes the time and energy to share time with someone special who also has space in their life to explore and live!
  2. Confidence and wisdom can come with experience. Mature adults tend to be more secure in themselves and know what they want. There can be less miscommunication and less “playing games” when it comes to relationships. People are more comfortable expressing their desires and everyone finds confidence attractive!
  3. True intimacy is possible and can be more profound. Earlier in life, many people are still finding themselves, dedicated themselves to career, and raising children, leaving precious little time to their romantic relationships. Quite often, a couple can drift apart due to being pulled in so many different directions in life. Later in life, people can really dedicate themselves into their own personal growth as well as the growth of their romance partners.


Valenti Matchmaking has been helping people of all ages find love for decades. Our team found this wonderful article about famous actress Jane Fonda who discusses in a recent interview about how finding love later in life has been an enriching and wonderful experience. Her lessons are not just for the famous, but are helpful for anyone seeking love in their golden years. – 138b368462dc



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