Frequently Asked Questions

How will I be introduced?

Meeting that special someone should be perfect. Nothing should be left to luck or chance. Valenti Concierge Experience is a full service in-house department that manages every aspect of your initial romantic rendezvous. The venue, transportation, cuisine, timing – each detail is carefully tailored to meet the desires and privacy of our clientele. We create a safe, sophisticated, and romantic environment for that very first meeting.

Does Matchmaker Irene Valenti hand-select my introduction?

For more than 25 years Valenti International’s mission has been to personally serve individuals in their discreet pursuit of a more passionate and meaningful relationship. Unlike so many matchmaking agencies today, Valenti’s approach is always customized and extremely personal. Renowned for pioneering matchmaking services, Irene Valenti and her staff continue to make dreams come true for those with discriminating tastes.

I am from a traditional family, seeking an introduction for a loved one. Can you help?

Wonderful, we have many traditional families across the globe. Parents, sisters, brothers, and friends call for their loved ones. We specialize in high-caliber introductions with ladies and gentlemen that they may not meet in their everyday lives.

How do Valenti services differ from other services on or offline?

Unlike so many matchmaking agencies today, Valenti’s approach is always customized and extremely personal.  Valenti Matchmaking offers a highly discrete approach, and does not perform any sort of online matchmaking.  Client feedback continues to indicate that the caliber of individuals they meet through Valenti is the number one distinguishing factor from any other service, anywhere in the world.

How did you decide to hire psychologists to work on your team?

There is so much more to someone than a photograph. Psychologists are professionally trained to understand the important interpersonal needs and the structure of someone’s character. With this information and a deep understanding of each client’s relationship history, background and priorities, we make introductions based on essential forces that make a real relationship work. Our clients feel safe and secure knowing that every candidate is profiled by our staff psychologists. One-on-one feedback with a matchmaking team member after every introduction ensures you’ll never be left in the dark about how the other person feels.

What if I have questions?

We have real people answering the phone Monday-Friday, 7-4 pm PST and by appointment outside of those hours. Please call us at 619-997-9239.

Are you visiting Southern California? We would love to meet in person at our world headquarters in Rancho Santa Fe, California.

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