Are you dreaming of love? What does it mean?

Dream about love in general, towards an object, means it is happy with her life and everything around him.

 Dreaming of love and he loves may reflect a state of love in her current relationship. It also represents happiness and life satisfaction.
Dreaming of love, may mean that he lacks the love in real life.
Dreaming of a couple in love, it means that soon will have much success.
To dream that others feel love and it makes him happy is lucky premonition that their business will make you feel welcome and freedom from anxiety that produces life.
To dream that looks like a loving couple, always brings luck for the dreamer.

 Dream to stop loving someone or that his love is reciprocal, meaning that you will be shot with some issues that make you nervous and decide that it’s better to change lifestyle and relationships. Or decide which should marry someone of money to change his life and aspire to a different standard of living.
To dream that your husband or wife is in love, it means a lot of happiness in relationships and have children together, will take you to the climax of family love.
Dreaming of the love of parents, it means honesty and uprightness in character, with a wonderful future to achieve a high social position and money.
To dream that you feel the love for animals, means satisfaction with everything he has and all he has achieved in this life. He feels he does not have to worry about anything and eventually his fortune will grow.
To dream that your friend is in love with you means that you will surely fulfill a wish. You may have developed special feelings toward his best friend and asked him to feel you This mystery is concerned and makes once asleep, you’ll be back to his friend’s feelings towards you, so your subconscious responds to what you asked.
Dream lover appears in her dream, it means that you perfectly know their worth. You feel you fully realized and complete.
Dreaming of an old love?, it means he still has a pending with him. Its current ratio is due to be resenting is better to concentrate on your future and move ahead.

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