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Helping Our Clients Through All Stages of Relationships for More Than Thirty Years.The Valenti Experience

"For many of my clients, ultimate success means being introduced to the love of their life whether that exists in the form of marriage, or a committed and loving romantic relationship. Others however, simply desire a little guidance and support along with selective introductions to like-minded, compatible individuals. They seek a safe and romantic way to meet quality individuals of all ages at similar stages on their relationship journey. We are experts in meeting our clients wherever they are on their path and we are highly equipped to assist them in achieving their personal relationship goals." -Irene Valenti, founder Valenti International Matchmaking.

I Am Very Impressed by Irene Valenti and Her Team

I have been so impressed by the care and attention Irene Valenti and her team provide, I was compelled to comment. All of my matches have been well thought-out by Irene and her team. They listen, they care – and they deliver. We all come into the dating process with different expectations and, clearly, there are no guarantees when it comes to love. But Valenti International provides the foundation for finding love, and holds your hand throughout the process! I’m impressed – and grateful!

Andrea Metoyer

October 2023

Irene is not just a Matchmaker..

Irene is not just a matchmaker but she is someone I call a friend.  She believes it only takes oner person it it is the right person.  She is willing to talk openly and honestly on any subject.  She is a giver not a taker.  I am too busy to do searches myself. Irene makes the best decisions when matching people together.

Kay Armstrong Google Review

Irene Valenti is a pleasure to work with

Valenti and their staff are talented and dedicated to their clients.  Irene Valenti is a pleasure to work with and she has always had a high quality matches for me. I would unqualified recommend her company.

Chris Bandas Google Review

Tailored to Fit

“Tailored to fit”

I often wondered what it would be like …..not even with my best imagination could I dream abut how I was going to feel to be with someone like this man….Truly magical!

For years I didn’t think that person existed.

The immense JOY takes over my whole body, mind and spirit. This joy renders you utterly thunderstruck. You find yourself absent….day dreaming…people commenting that you are glowing.  I though only pregnant women did that…..LOL!

This is what Irene and her team did for me….She is highly professional in every and all aspects, and works hard to understand specific needs concerning matters of the heart.

Truly gifted people helping others to find a life worth living.

Tess Brancato Google Review

I had previously tried a couple of the on-line services before

I have been a client of Irene’s and the Valenti organization for quite some time now and have nothing but positive things to say about her, the company, and the people in it.
Though Irene has yet to be successful in finding that one special person I can tell you the women whom I had been matched with and met were all exceptional ladies and I could clearly see how she could have decided to pair us up. She did come awfully close with one match which resulted in me becoming engaged. “Unfortunately,” that proved not to be and throughout the challenging disillusionment of our relationship, and ultimate break up, Irene was readily there to help me through the rough and unchartered waters. While that match did not prove to be my soulmate Irene and her people’s continued assistance through those tough time led me to continue working with them as I am now.
And, as I had previously tried a couple of the on-line services before I decided to bite the bullet and sign up with the significantly more expensive Valenti organization, that leap of faith decision has proven to be one of my best ever and am confident it will ultimately lead me to finding that special lady – if I/we haven’t already! (Yes, I am dating someone now whom Irene found.)
Through each match, including the current one, Irene has always been there to assist me and/or “my match” through both minor hick-ups and major issues – and with me there were some MAJOR issues. She gave/gives advice and suggestions freely, honestly, DIRECTLY and often unsolicited since she is in contact with both individuals in a very discrete and confidential manner.
So, as I said in my opening sentence, I am very positive in all my dealings with Irene and the people in her organization and without any reservations recommend them to someone who is in search of finding that special man or woman who is presently missing from their life.

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