10 Things I Really, Really, Really Miss About Being Married

I miss being married sometimes. Not to my ex, mind you – that ship sailed and sunk a long time ago, but I just miss the married life in general. I miss having an intact family unit. I miss being part of a “we.” I could give you dozens of reasons why that is, but here are a few of the things I miss most about being a married woman:

  1. Sleeping next to someone at night. That was one of the
    hardest things to get used to. I miss rolling over and having a warm body next
    to me. When the kids are gone, being a woman alone in a creaking house can be
    nerve-jarring. It’d be nice to have somebody next to me that I could elbow and
    say “Did you hear that?”
  2. Cooking. I mean really cooking. My kids are very picky
    eaters with a somewhat limited repertoire of acceptable meals, and I’m not
    going to make my incredible eggplant parmesan or an entire caramel apple cheesecake
    for just me.
  3. Having a “go-to” person. Did the car just break
    down on a deserted road? Am I getting the same flu that the kids have? Can I
    not get that jar open? Tough. I’m on my own, and it sucks sometimes. It really
  4. Having cuddles at my beck and call. I am a cuddler. I love
    to hug, to lean against, to hold hands, to wrap around and hold and stroke….and
    now, other than hugging the stuffing out of my kids, I don’t get that. It’s a
    well-known fact that hugging
    raises your level of oxytocin
    , the “feel good” hormone, and I
    seriously feel that lack.
  5. Sharing a look of pride over the head of a child. We used to do that on a regular basis. Now it only happens on the rare occasion that we’re both at a school function or something. It’s so nice to feel like we’re a team when it comes to the kids, and I don’t get to actively feel that way as often anymore.
  6. Having a parental backup on-site. Do I need a second voice of authority to
    agree with me in the face of a screaming thirteen year-old? Do I desperately
    need a break on a bad autism day? Oh, you bet I do. It’s not going to happen,
  7. Telling somebody about my day. I don’t need to talk about
    work every day (lucky for me, work is usually not a problem) but every once in
    a while, it would be nice to have someone ask how my day went. In fact, adult
    conversation at home in any form is something I keenly miss.
  8. Book and movie discussions. Discussing books we’d read or movies we saw with each other was envigorating and interesting. Now I do that on internet boards and Facebook, but it’s not quite the same.
  9. Regular sex. There, I said it. Anna, if you’re reading this,
    pretend I’m someone else’s mother.
  10. Inside jokes. The ex and I were together for decades – you’d
    better believe we’d amassed an enormous amount of inside jokes. Some of them
    were so ingrained, we could communicate them with a look. That kind of stuff
    makes couple-hood fun.
I know, that probably sounds like I’m moping. I could give you three times as many reasons why I don’t miss being married, but they’d all be specific to my particular relationship with my particular ex, so it’d just be venting and non-productive. Even though it didn’t work out for me, I still see the value in a good marriage and I always will.
If you’re single, what do you miss about being part of a couple? If you’re lucky enough to be part of a “we,” what parts of that do you like best?
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