What to expect in couples counseling or marriage guidance

What to expect in couples counseling or marriage guidance

Answering your questions about marriage counseling


In couple counseling – marriage guidance counseling, relationship counseling or pre-marriage counseling, the counsellor aims to give you both equal time and attention. This will help you each to get your side of the story across, without interruptions or rows.

Marriage counseling or relationship counselling can be very helpful even if your partner doesn’t want to go. The counsellor will be able to help you without judging either one of you and remaining aware of ‘the empty seat’.

This page will help you get a better insight into what exactly happens in couple counseling.

Not at all keen on couples counseling? Read on…

Alternatives to visiting a couple counsellor
I know there are lots of reasons why people don’t like the idea of counseling – let alone couple counseling. However, you can turn the tide all by yourself if your partner seems to have lost the will to work on your relationship.

The best resource I can recommend for you – whether or not your partner is willing to help to make things better – is Save My Relationship/Marriage by Lee Baucom, PhD. As you’ll see, Lee has no regard for badly trained couple counsellors!

Doubtful about the quality of couple counselling?

I do agree that an awful lot of counsellors ‘dabble’ in couple counseling. They think that they can do the job based on their training in counseling individuals. WRONG! Couple counseling is very different!

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