5 Reasons Why It's OK To Ask A Matchmaker For Love

While there are a million good reasons to hire a matchmaker, we’ll highlight five that just might change your relationship status for life.
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Because you’re a busy career gal with stuff to do

Time is, after all, the most precious commodity we possess, right? “So why spend 40 hours a week sitting behind a computer screen doing online dating, only to meet up with men and discover they looked great 20 years ago in that old photo they’re still using,” says Houston’s Millionaire Matchmaker Amber Neal. Don’t waste your time. “You’re only compatible with 3 percent of the people you meet, and there’s no sense in kissing 97 frogs just to find three you like! Having a matchmaker allows you to focus on your career, family and social life while she (or he) does all the work for you, professionally.” Hmm, sounds pretty sweet to us

You can’t seem to stop dating duds…

Or bad boys or jerks or dudes without jobs. Your picker is broken basically, points out Neal, which means you keep falling for the same type of person over and over, even though they’re completely wrong for you. “A matchmaker’s job is to help you identify bad dating habits that could be holding you back from meeting Mr. Right. Maybe you’re attracted to the bad boy, but is that really what you need?” she asks. Yeahhh, probably not.

You have no clue what you’re doing wrong

A reputable matchmaker with several successful years in the love business can be the best thing that’s ever happened to you if you’ve come to the realization that you might be the common denominator in the failure of many of your past relationships, notes Kailen Rosenberg, relationship expert and founder of Kai-len Love and Life Architects. “They can give you the advice and truth to finally ‘wake you up’ and steer you in a better direction,” she says.

You’re worried you might wind up on an episode of Dateline NBC

If physical security is at the top of your list and you’ve already experienced your fair share of nutty men, then rest assured — knowing that your matchmaker has pre-screened a potential date allows you to feel that much more safe and open to connecting with someone new, says Jacqueline Nichols, founder and owner of Intuitive Matchmaking LLC. “You can have the confidence that he or she did a background check before getting caught up in a tumultuous relationship,” she points out.

Sometimes you just need a pro

You wouldn’t try to fix your own teeth, would you? You’d go to a dentist, explains psychotherapist, life coach and founder of Coach To Win, Didi Zahariades. “And if by chance you broke your leg, the first thing you’d do is head straight to a doctor,” she says. “This is your heart, and oftentimes, it needs a bit of help too!”


Originally Published:    http://www.sheknows.com/love-and-sex/articles/989095/when-to-ask-a-matchmaker-for-help

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