7 Romantic, Fun, and Unusual Date Ideas

7 Unusual but fun date ideas 7 Romantic, Fun, and Unusual Date Ideas

Experts say that weekly date nights help couples have more intimate and lasting relationships. Whether it’s Valentine’s Day or your anniversary, why not try something out of the ordinary to keep things fun as well as romantic?

I’m lucky to have a romantic and adventurous husband (he’s Italian!), and we’ve had some unusual dates over the years. Break the “dinner and a movie” routine and try one of these unusual date ideas today.

Breakfast Date

Dinner is the typical date meal, but no need to leave out the others! Breakfast is a healthier (and cheaper) meal to eat out (assuming you aren’t ordering pancakes!) Head to a diner or local restaurant for an early morning date, and reserve the rest of the day for some good couple time. It can also be easier to get babysitters on a Saturday morning or let your kids play at a friend’s house.

Embark on an Adventure

This is my husband’s favorite type of date, and I admit, I’ve enjoyed getting out of my comfort zone on some of our more adventurous dates. Pick a hobby or adventure and do it together. Our most recent was scuba diving, but there are tons of possibilities. Visit an indoor rock climbing gym, go kayaking (another one of ours), race go karts, try ice skating (not my favorite!), or if you are really brave… try karaoke!

Around the World At Home

This is a recurring date theme for us. Going out can be difficult with little ones, so plan a fun date themed around ethnic foods and enjoy it at home once the kids are in bed. Make your own sushi and eat on the floor. Make healthy Mexican food and watch a movie in Spanish. Make fondue and eat by candlelight. Whatever you choose, set the mood with music and decorations to make it fun! Even if you don’t go for ethnic foods, enjoy a late night date at home and cook for each other! This is also a budget friendly way to keep the romance alive.

Go Camping

This certainly isn’t for everyone, but it usually promises to be a bonding experience. Always fun as a family, but if you can sneak away for a night, go camping as a couple. The alone time around the campfire will give you a chance to really catch up, and the potential for unforeseen circumstances (wild animals, rain, etc.) makes it an adventure.


This is a great way to get closer as a couple- focus on a cause you both believe in and volunteer together. This is something great to do with kids too, but can be a bonding experience as a couple. Volunteer at a soup kitchen, raise money for a cause, or pick a service project at your church. It might make you grateful for what you have and will certainly be some quality time with your love! Another advantage- spreading the love doesn’t cost a thing!

Visit a Local Attraction

>We often forget about the things that others come to our town to see. Go to a play at the community theater or check out the comedy club. Find an arboretum or botanical garden and walk around. Hit the batting cages or mini golf or even just browse the bookstore together and talk over a cup of coffee. If it is in season, visit an orchard or pick-your-own farm or take a tour of a local brewery or vineyard.

Exercise Or Do An Activity Together

A healthy way to spend time together, exercise can be fun as a couple! Pick a new sport to learn: tennis, racquetball, basketball or swimming… just pick something you enjoy. For an activity, go miniature golfing, paint pottery together, take dance or painting lessons, hiking, bike riding or canoeing. These are often the best times to talk and you get the chance to develop a new hobby or skill.

Making time to spend as a couple can be much more challenging than it should be, especially with kids. Consider swapping babysitting with friends to save money. Watch a movie at home if you can’t get away or play board games or chess together. Swap  massages (with homemade natural massage butter) while you recap your week… just don’t wait for a time like Valentine’s Day to have an excuse to spend time together!

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