Couple shows love happens at every age

For Betty Dingle, 93, and Bill Kleck, 89, love can come at any age.

“I gave her a Christmas card in 2014 that said, “Love Bill,” on it and that was it from then on,” said Kleck about his new bride, Betty. 

All the decorative flowers were draped on the tables and harp music filled the air at their June wedding, in the rose garden at their home, Cortona Park, an independent senior living establishment in Brentwood.

 “There was always something special about this couple,” said Cortona Park resident programs director, Cheryl Ortiz who oversaw the arrangements for their wedding. 

With the bride at 93 and the groom at 89, theirs was a love that defied the odds.

Their story began when Betty moved in and became Bill’s girl next door.

“They became neighbors about a year ago, and about six months later, they started a romantic relationship,” said Ortiz. “They take my exercise class at Cortona and they came to me with the news and it was very exciting! This is our first wedding at Cortona Park.”

The wedding was filled with guests from both sides of the family. Each side had one family member in their wedding party. One guest in particular knew Betty before she met Bill and was elated to see her friend so happy in love. 

“I met Betty at a knitting group at Barnes and Noble in Brentwood years ago,” said Cherie Aguiar of Brentwood. “She now goes to the eye doctor that I work for, so I see her every three months. The last time Betty came in she had a glow about her – it was the sweetest thing. She told me she was in love.”

The relationship that Bill and Betty have is unique because it has started later in life, but they still see this opportunity to share their lives and make more memories.

“One of the most inspirational things about them is that they live life as if it’s continuing,” said Ortiz. “Some people, when they get to be a senior age, they look at life as if it’s ending, but they are living life.”

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