What do professional women really want? (from men)

There have been books and even a movie trying to solve the apparently eternal and mystifiying question “what do professional women really want”.
Yes, it is an intricate and somewhat complex topic, especially for men to understand. But when it comes to professional women, it is a balancing act of treating us as a woman should be treated while also dealing with us as the serious business woman we have spent years of time and effort to become.
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Still struggling, gentlemen? Here are a few pointers to spell it out for you:

1. Respect

So simple yet often so hard for so many! Respect who we are as business women. This is a core, fundamental quality that we expect from everyone. Period.

2. Acknowledgement of our achievements

When we kick butt in business, let us know. Don’t patronize us or be condescending (hint: “that’s a good girl”). And no, we often don’t want to chug back a beer to celebrate. But thanks for the offer.

3. Admire how we look (but please don’t flatter us)

We put in an effort to look amazing each and every day. This takes time and time management… in the case of working mothers, it takes an almost superhuman set of skills and organization to arrive at the office looking impeccable after having fed, dressed and transported a household.  We want to be complimented but never flattered.

4. Treat us as women (even if we are your boss)

This means letting a woman walk out of the room first, opening the door, offering to help carry boxes or other items… just normal every things a man would do for a woman. This should not be lost because we work together. If a particular business woman doesn’t want you to do that, she will politely let you know.

5. Don’t expect to get away with more because we are women

Yes, we are more compassionate then men. This doesn’t mean you can play the broken heart card or manipulate us to get extra time for a project if you have failed your deadline.

6. Take us seriously

In a meeting, at an event, whatever the situation — take what we have to say seriously. Our contributions should be valued regardless of our pay grade. Swallow your pride and deal with the fact that … YES, we may actually have a brilliant idea that you didn’t think of first. The world will still turn and you won’t explode. It’s ok.
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