What is matchmaking? Why should you hire a matchmaker?

You’re a busy professional or entrepreneur who just doesn’t have time to meet people. Or perhaps you do have the time but you do not meet people of your own caliber or you hate the online dating sites that send you hundreds of pictures to choose from but there is no real reason why you those selected individuals are compatible with you. That is where Valenti International is different. As international matchmakers who have been in business for 25 years, we know what we are doing. We get to know you personally by taking our time to talk with you and we complete personality assessments so we can really get to know you, along with what you seek. We have a team of live matchmakers including Psychologists who do the matchmaking and each match is hand selected for you. We also have a concierge department who take care of the reservations for your introduction, assist in travel arrangements if needed and we talk with you after each introduction for your feedback. We take care of all the time consuming parts of finding the right person for you and we are there 100% of the way. Matchmakers are professional individuals who listen to what you desire and who put there heart and soul into finding you a lifetime companion, a person of your own caliber who shares your interests and understand you and your lifestyle. So if you are a single high caliber professional seeking love, please contact us at: 1-858-759-9239 or visit our website at:  http://www.valentiinternational.com
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