Residents Thankful for Neighbors in Snowstorm

Winter storm Jonas brought feet of snow, lots of ice and slick roads, which kept many of us inside, warm and safe, but for those that didn’t have a place to go, organizations like The Clarksburg Mission kept their doors open.
Winter Storm
It’s estimated that snow storm Jonas has effected up to 85 million people. From stranded travelers in airports to those stranded at work and at home, this storm was not one to take lightly.We may have had clear and accurate weather warnings giving us enough time to prepare for the storm, but no one could predict the precise severity of Jonas. 
Although blizzards can cause major power outages and expose several to unsafe weather conditions, something many do not think about is the excitement, giddiness and caring attitudes most feel when a snow storm hits their community. 
Neighbors become concerned about how they can help each other. I spoke to a few who were very thankful for their neighbors. 
Debby Krikalo says, “Someone came with a snow plow and got us all out it was great. Riding it up and down the streets, riding it up and down the sidewalks, it was nice right? It’s nice to see everyone working together.”
Another resident of Clarksburg, John Brill says, “I had a couple neighbors come up and give me a hand. There’s a lot of good people here.”
With help from several donors and other concerned citizens The Clarksburg Mission was able to stay open during the storm for those in need.
One of Clarksburg’s Mission Welcome Room Attendants, Angel Pritt, says, “The people who keep this mission open are really our donors because they called ahead, they were here last week, they were on the phones last week, ‘what do you need?'”
And it was because of those resources supplied to them that the Clarksburg Mission did not only stay open, but could help those around them.
Angel added, “The neighbors, several neighbors around here have already been shoveled out just because we were prepared and we wanted everyone else to be prepared.” So, next time you’re dreading that snow storm, think about how it gives us an opportunity to come together as a community and help each other out.
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