The Power Of Communication: 3 Keys To Healthy Relationships In All Aspects Of Life

It doesn’t matter if it’s your boyfriend, girlfriend or best friend; communication is just as important as trust and honesty in every relationship.
Communication allows you to voice your opinion when it comes to what you don’t like, what you do like, what pisses you off and what you want to change; in a relationship, the same applies to the other person.
Without communication, people are left confused, upset and unsure in any given situation. How do we change this? It’s simple. We talk to each other. Don’t give the silent treatment.
If someone made you angry or did something you didn’t particularly like, stand up for yourself and say something. Nothing will ever change and you’ll continue to be upset if you don’t tell him or her what’s going on.
Besides, ignoring someone and not telling him or her why you’re acting as so is immature — you’re better than that.
You are a mature adult (or are trying to be, at least). If the other person is a toxic influence on your life, who is only dragging you down, remove him or her from your life; there’s no reason to be this way. Stop playing hard-to-get when there isn’t a game to be played.

Speak your mind.

In the same vein as not giving someone the cold shoulder, talk about it, instead. It’ll clear up any confusion or misunderstanding between the two parties and everyone will ultimately be happier.
Talking about your feelings isn’t a bad idea, as long as you know the difference between speaking cordially calmly and being a Nagging Nancy. No one likes to hear what he or she is doing wrong all the time (and you probably wouldn’t like it very much, either).

Don’t focus on the bad.

Friendships and relationships are supposed to be fun, loving connections that make life enjoyable. Harboring negative emotions will only manifest itself into a whirlwind of problems in the process.
Stop criticizing. Stop blaming. Let the bad out and enjoy the ride. Life is way more pleasurable when you have a giant smile on your face.

Always stay positive.

Is there someone in your life you care about? Tell this person how you feel! Sure, compliments on someone’s new haircut or outfit can brighten his or her day, but nothing feels better than hearing someone you care about speak of how grateful he or she is to have you around.
For the sake of life in general being totally unexpected, never give up the opportunity to tell your loved ones how important they are to you. It’ll always make a difference (and a good one, at that).
These are all mantras that are valuable, in some way or another, on the path of life. Communication is something we all have to master in the real world.
Personal, close relationships are the building blocks to a happy existence; don’t jeopardize a good thing just because you don’t want to communicate.
Strengthen your relationships, pay your best friends compliments and give your significant others big kisses to show your love and appreciation at every opportunity.
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