Signs That He's The Perfect One For You

Falling in love is tricky, but it’s still the easy part in love. If you’re looking for true love and happiness, you need to know if he’s the one who’ll be there till the end. Is he the one for you? Find out with these twelve signs.

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In life, we come across a lot of great men and dating potentials.
But not all good men make great dating potentials. Is he the one for you? How can you really tell?
Relationships are like a perfect pair of shoes. It may look fancy when you see it, but you’re never going to know how good it’ll be until you take a walk together.
Is he the one for you?
When it comes to love, it’s best to trust our own instincts.
Many times, we come across really nice men, but the chemistry may be lacking, or something may just feel wrong about it.
But what happens when you find true love, and you just know he’s a perfect fit for you?
Does that mean you’ve met the one for you, the one who’ll keep you happy for the rest of forever?
Unfortunately, we’ve all met these men with whom we share crackling chemistry and sizzling moments in the sheets. 
But it doesn’t always work out and materialize into a happy ending. At times like these, you need to think beyond chemistry and sizzle. You need to know if he’s the one for you in the long run.
Use these twelve signs to help you see if he is the one for you.
He communicates his feelings
If you’re trying to find out if he’s the one, you need to understand what it takes to have a great long term relationship. And one of the most important requirements of long term love is communication. Does he tell you how he feels, and does he ask about your feelings?
Communicating with each other over the smallest of emotions can actually help both of you understand each other better and avoid misunderstandings that can lead to painful confrontations in the years to come. Some men are so closed up about their feelings that it would only frustrate you every time you try to understand what he’s thinking.
He pays attention to your needs
In many relationships, the men actually do know what their woman really wants. But they do nothing about it. Many men just take their girlfriends for granted, and pretend like they didn’t understand their girlfriend. How many times have we heard men say “you should have told me what you really wanted in the first place!”?
It’s not like a guy can’t understand what his girlfriend wants. In most cases, they try not to care. Is he the one for you? No. Avoid these men who act dumb and pretend like girls are confusing and don’t express their feelings.
He sees the real you
You’ll know he is the one if he sees you for who you really are. All women know men are visual creatures who are drawn to appearances first and everything else later. But that’s no excuse to be treated like an arm candy. Does he tell you that you look hot? Of course, he does.
But does he appreciate your other qualities? Does he see the real person beyond your appearance? A man who looks at you as a dumb, good looking woman will never ever see the real you or understand your capabilities. And when he looks at you as just an arm candy, he’s never going to share his problems or ask for advice. And that’s never good for a relationship. 
He respects you
When you’re in love, respect takes a whole new definition. When you’re in love, respect is all about making a partner feel good about themselves. A man who is in love respects the woman he loves.
If he’s the one, he treats you with respect and takes care of your needs. When you go out, he’s chivalrous and courteous to you. Does he pick a fight, order you around or snap at you when you’re with friends? If he really does respect you, he will pay more attention to you and your needs than any other woman’s. Most men are eager to please other women, and won’t really care about their own girlfriend.
This only makes you look more like his accessory than his lover. Tell him how you feel about it, but if his behavior doesn’t change, perhaps it’s time you change your man.
He respects your space
Men love their own guy time. But hey, so do women! We need our space too, and it’s not just about hanging out with girl pals. This is especially true when both of you move in together. Does he get upset when you’re on phone with your friends, or does he sulk when you go out with your own friends?
Being jealous is cute at first. But if he wants to be around you all the time, and stops you from having your own life, you need to tell him how you really feel.
He shares responsibility
Does he offer to help you out? Does he go out of his way to help you when you ask him? If he’s the one for you, your problems are his, and his problems are yours too. That’s one of the things that make a relationship work, when you accept to share responsibility. And most men are really good at dodging their own responsibilities. So how can he help you with yours?
A man who goes out of his way to help you out and share your responsibility sees you as a potential partner for life. And that’s the man you need in your life.
These are just the first six facts in understanding if he’s the one. But we’re not done here. Read these pointers on how to know if he is the one so you can really understand the relationship you share with your boyfriend. And you’ll definitely know the answer to the big question, is he the one for you? Published with Photo:

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