Ending the Endless Search: Professional Matchmaking with Valenti International

Valenti International moves well beyond a simple matchmaking agency.
By Virginia Gil
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Irene Valenti, the founder of professional matchmaking service Valenti International, is overflowing with insight about the ways of the world. A visionary and creative thinker, she is blessed with an amazing intuition that led her to found Valenti International nearly two decades ago. It was established to meet the needs of accomplished, intelligent, attractive, and selective men and women who required a highly personalized service. “My dream and goal was to build a powerful business model that would be unique and have a positive worldwide impact,” she says.
The model was, and remains, unique-“matchmaking in the European tradition.” It embodies the heritage of the village matriarch who personally introduced people to fall in love; her heartfelt and intimate knowledge (and the intuition again) of her “townspeople” included family values, culture, faith, and, of course, romance and personality.


Realistically, such a process of discovering a suitable mate is remarkably complicated, and that’s where Irene (a student of life who loves to learn and teach, and who’s not easily distracted or discouraged) comes to the rescue. The tradition and method of getting to know clients, beautiful people who have so much to offer, is the Valenti secret recipe. What scientific approach could possibly identify such deep qualities of the individual? This is part of the Valenti magic that cannot be replicated. It’s why Valenti doesn’t fret about competition-there is none. “The business is made from my own DNA; it would be very difficult to duplicate,” she affirms. Although imitation is the greatest compliment, many have tried to copy Valenti’s system without success.
The Valenti model utilizes a team of Ph.D and licensed psychologists and professionals who care for clients as if they were family. Irene proudly boasts, “I choose to surround myself with remarkable people that inspire me and enrich my clients.” They are extremely generous with their time, and privacy and careful screening is guaranteed. Valenti’s amazing clientele, who range from age 18 to 80, appreciate such feedback, guidance, and respectful nurturing in their journey and search for their perfect match.
“We are there for them when they are disappointed or hurt, and we laugh with them when they are happy,” she smiles. “Many of our clients tell me that the experience of our initial process alone is worth the fee they’ve paid-this is before they’ve had their first introduction!”
In terms of success rate, Irene recognizes that success is defined by the satisfaction of Valenti’s clients. “When you are talking about personal relationships, success can mean many different things,” she wisely counsels. That’s why she does what she does. She loves it. Doing the impossible excites her, like with her favorite success story. “I met a handsome gentleman, Joe, on a British Airways flight a few years ago,” she recounts. “He passed me a note from two rows away: ‘I’ve been seeing your face for years and wanted to call, but I couldn’t face the fact that I needed help to find someone. Now that we’ve met, you seem so down to earth and sincere-I have no more excuses. I just can’t seem to do it on my own.’” One year later, Irene celebrated Joe’s engagement to Beth; the two make a beautiful couple.
It’s stories like this that lead her to advise, “Create your own destiny! Find a company or someone you can trust. Commit. Take action. Trust and participate fully in the process and you will succeed. Never quit!” More people will soon have the opportunity to benefit from her pearls of wisdom, as she’s working on her first book. “I am focusing on lost family traditions and values and the impact this has on society and people searching for the love of his or her life.”
Beyond that, she knows that Valenti, as the founders of traditional matchmaking, will continue to raise the bar in the matchmaking industry. “We have decades of experience in the dynamics of relationships, especially for individuals accustomed to outsourcing other aspects of their lives. We are more than matchmakers, we are personal relationship experts offering the most comprehensive approach to help our clients succeed.”

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