Essential Steps To Move On To A New Relationship!

In order to move on to a new relationship, you must let go of the past. While it can be challenging to end a relationship and move forward it can even be more of a struggle to leave behind the difficulties that led to a breakup. This can be particularly challenging in the case of divorce. At Valenti International, Irene Valenti and the matchmaking team work with our clients to help them recognize that while they may have ended a relationship the real work and healing comes from releasing the emotions and often residual anger from the past. Often times we are not even aware of how our thoughts and our actions communicate to others that we are still angry or have unresolved feelings from the past. These feelings can color our relationships as we move forward and prevent individuals from finding new love. Discussing past negative experiences and the associated feelings is an important part of moving forward. If you still fell strongly about how a relationship ended or have ongoing anger or concerns related to custody or financial issues, seek the support of a counselor or someone you trust. Do not make the mistake of discussing these issues or concerns with a date or potential romantic partner. It is not appropriate and you simply cannot move forward with your thoughts and feelings stuck in the past. Remember that others listen to how you speak about your past and previous romantic partners as a way to determine how you might treat them. It is not necessary to discuss past relationships with those you are dating and frankly can be destructive and ultimately damage or hinder the opportunity for new relationships. If you are still angry or bitter, get help, and work to leave the past behind you. This is essential if you hope to move forward.
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