TIMES HAVE CHANGED: A Timeline of Dating Over The Years

With each decade, new clothing, hair, and music trends come about. However, these are not the only things that change over time. Dating is something that has evolved greatly. Over time, we’ve seen the meaning of dating change consistently. From the types of dates to pet names, each time period had something unique about dating to offer.
1950’s– Relationships were all about longevity during the 50’s. “Going steady” was something commonly used to describe people who were dating seriously. A night out with your significant other consisted of going to an ice cream parlor, drive-in movie, or even a record shop.
80s Couple1960’s– The highlight of dating in the 1960’s was the actual date. Similar to today, girls spent hours getting ready for their special date. However, there were many dating behaviors that were considered etiquette for those days. Boys were expected to pay for all dates, girls weren’t allowed to kiss on the first date, and they weren’t to seem more intelligent than their guy.
1970’s– Romance in the 70’s was all about being young, wild, and free. Girls and guys would stay out all night at a disco club or at someone’s house listening to music.
1980’s– During the 80’s, teens would date one person after going on only about two dates. While dating was becoming more informal, the guy would still call the girl on her home phone in order to talk and plan a date.
1990’s– As the internet was becoming more popular, it quickly became a staple in teenage dating in the 90’s. AIM was how guys and girls communicated with each other outside of school. Downloading music from the internet and making a CD was considered the sweetest gesture during this time. For dates, teens met up at the roller skating rink for dates or rented movies from Blockbuster to watch together.
2000’s– From the early 2000’s until now, this decade has seen some drastic changes when it comes to dating. Online dating became popular and with the help of social media, long distance relationships became a trend among teenagers. “Talking” also became the new word for dating even though it usually consists of more texting rather than face-to-face communication. New pet names also emerged during our current decade such as the infamous term, “bae.”
Which decade would you have liked to date in?

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