Smart, friendly, engaging, and attractive

“It has been a while since I wrote to you reporting on my impressions of a meeting and I do not remember the specifics of what you requested, so, if I leave something out, please let me know (as if you wouldn’t!). She is by far the best introduction that I have had. Smart, friendly, engaging, and attractive. When strangers first meet, there can sometimes be awkward silences. I can assure you that NO ONE would have that problem with her. She re-defines “Ms Chatty,” and not in a bad way. I could have just sat back and listened to her for most of the evening by starting almost any subject with one sentence and letting her take it from there. I think she may have been a little nervous and this is her way of compensating, not sure. In fact, I needed to be a little bit assertive to get in more than one sentence at a time. However, when I did, she was a great listener. We met for dinner and closed the restaurant. It has been a while since I got dirty looks from exasperated waiters… We also met for brunch the next morning. She has three young, great children that are very active in music, sports and other grade school activities. She is a conscientious mother and these responsibilities alone will stretch her thin. She is also a realtor and that profession has its own set of unique time demands and priorities. She lives four hours by car from where I live and there are no travel options that are any faster (well, speeding may be an option but…..). Between the two of us, it will not be easy to find the time necessary to grow a relationship. Time will tell.”

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