More than just attraction

“We had a great discussion on many topics including dogs and horses as you might expect. She has been divorced twice and has a 17 year old son at boarding school in Massachusetts. She spends the Winter in Wellington and plays polo. In the Summer she flies to Italy (Tuscany) with her son and lives at her parents home. She does odd jobs with horses there. Her son will not go to college but go to culinary school to become a Chef.
Her whole life is polo, a blog she writes on her many trips abroad to play polo and being a somalier – wine expert who chooses wines for people who are having catered dinners and parties. She has a beautiful face and not slim but not heavy frame. She eats a lot of food – both of our Bruschetta, salad, full course of fish and linguini. I was drinking a cocktail and she asked if I would help her drink a bottle of wine. We ordered the bottle. She is very smart and knows a lot about the world (she has traveled all over) and I sense very outgoing. On the other hand I believe her life is of the elites in general. Very down to earth and understands the real world that is not Wellington.
We had a great discussion, I was very attracted to ” the girl next door face ” – very pretty in a perfect sense. I would guess she may be in her early to mid – forties. Never have seen a figure like hers. A little stocky but well proportioned.
I’m not sure we are of the same lifestyle or that I am not into horses like she is. It would be great fun to travel with her based on her wonderful experiences and stories however.”

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