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Searching for love in a changing world is not an easy task, but Valenti Matchmaking stands ready to help people find love. I discovered this very intriguing article about how the dating landscape has changed over time, remarkably so in the past few years. The authors of the study describe how relationships starting via family connections or community activities such as church, have gone by the wayside in favor of much more independent searches. Where the town matchmaker once introduced people, they now search on their own by going to bars or by swiping on smartphone apps. Also, the average age of marriage has increased over the years and with it, the challenge of finding the right relationship has also increased. As many singles have told me, the pool of smart, successful singles gets smaller as each year passes. While online dating apps can seem appealing, they capitalize on the idea that quantity vs. quality is the solution. But this can be a recipe for exhaustion and disappointment. A lasting, committed relationship is something that takes time and dedication. The team at Valenti Matchmaking has a singular focus and experience with finding lasting, exclusive commitments. Each match is made with the long term in mind. Traditionally, matchmakers would know each person deeply, as well as knowing their families and history. We have modernized this process, but have also created one that is just as thorough in our understanding of what our clients need. Our process allows for a more confidential, safe and targeted search for a committed partner. We work with amazing people all over the world who are all dedicated to finding deep and committed relationships. Valenti Matchmaking is a very unique service that combines the wisdom and expertise of a traditional matchmaker, but with a global reach.


The team at Valenti Matchmaking is here to help and be your ally in your search for true love.

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