Valentine’s Day tips from Ms. Irene Valenti

With Valentine’s Day approaching, millions of people focus on that heart shaped holiday. What should one do for their significant other? A fancy dinner? Flowers? Jewelry? Irene Valenti has taken relationships to a whole new level, for the past 20 years. Ms. Valenti believes it’s important to differentiate those couples who have just started dating to couples who have been dating for a while. Celebrating Valentine’s Day may be premature and downright awkward for those couples just starting to date. In the case of the newly dating couple, she advises to not create any expectations. If a couple has been dating for several months, it is still the best course of action to discuss your ideas with your partner.Valentine's Day Heart 

 Valenti also provides overall suggestions for more established couples on Valentine’s Day. The most important aspect is to simply show that special person you care, and appreciate them. Showing that you took the time to plan the gift or event should be your number one goal. For instance, if you decide to get the traditional dozen roses, pick out a nice vase that will leave a lasting memory she can look back on. Be creative, try cooking a meal, especially if cooking is not your forte. Don’t focus on just one day out of the relationship to show that person you care. Strive to make their day a special one not just a “Hallmark day”. Lastly, although it may sound basic, make sure you tell your significant other how much you love and care about them. Write a handwritten letter, or take them on a romantic walk.

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After all, Valentine’s Day is in her name!

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