Head & shoulders above average

“I had a wonderful time with her, she is a super woman and we have more in common on the personal side than anyone I have ever met previously, and that is saying something. We visited for a few hours and are keeping in touch, although most likely as friends, largely due to the distance and her very busy schedule. My sons and I have a tournament and we will probably all visit with her at her home there, in the future. I have enjoyed meeting each of the women that you have introduced me to, all of them extremely well qualified and head & shoulders above the average.

I am still seeing the other lady but can confess that it was a difficult choice. I will continue dating her and see where that leads and try to maintain a friendship until something changes or if nothing changes, see what happens. Almost a tie between both ladies. As you can see, this is not an easy decision but I cannot be a player.” -Client

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