Early dinner at Jean Georges – then off to Broadway to see Phantom

“We had another good week of practically hour-plus daily phone conversations. Hit a little snag early on, but it didn’t seem to have any lasting effect. I sent her flowers, no roses, and apologized for being the source of our first significant disagreement, and she loved them.

We are meeting in NYC early on Friday morning to tour a “furniture and fabrics mart”, and then the evening includes an early dinner at Jean Georges and then off to Broadway to see Phantom.

On Saturday night we are having dinner with my youngest son and his date. I just talked to my son about an hour ago about me “bringing a date” to our dinner and he was presently surprised and commended me. So that is all set up and went very well!

Also made the flight arrangements for our July trip to Las Vegas. We are staying an extra couple days so she can see some of the sights, like Hoover Dam, and, as she put it, “just spend a day out in the desert.” My older sister and her husband are attending the same art exhibit there in Vegas, so she will meet them too.

Things are looking great!” -Client

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