We are both on the same wavelength

“Despite all my reservations going into this past weekend everything, it could not have gone better!!!! I’m 98% certain we are both on the same wavelength and that she is as excited about the possibilities as am I!

Irene, thank you for your last minute text suggestions and advice; I followed it to the letter! In a week I will have a new set of glasses. She picked out the frames, which I would never had picked picked for myself, but I tried them on and really liked them!

We went out for a very nice, long, dinner on Friday night, instead of going to the theatre.

On Saturday we started out with a late breakfast at her hotel, followed by going to an optician to get my glasses and finished the afternoon at the Harvard University art museum. She almost missed seeing a piece there by one of her favorite artists, which I called her over to see. (In her first text after I dropped her off at the airport today she made a special reference to that little AOK!) We finished off the evening cooking dinner together, at my place, and then cuddled and watched the first half of My Fair Lady before I took her back to her hotel. (She absolutely loved my place and was a little envious of the fact I had the same kitchen fixtures she used in her designs for other clients, but didn’t have herself.)

Sunday, we started off the day going to a service together at my church. Both her and I attend Protestant churches, though she was brought up Catholic, something I was not. After that we went back to my place, finished watching My Fair Lady and then I drove her to the airport, instead of us both jumping on the subway (another point she also referenced in that later text).

We are meeting again in New York City over the weekend of April 6th and I am thinking of, and we have discussed, my introducing her to my youngest son, who is attending law school. (Is it too early to be making such introductions?)

She also accepted my invitation to attend a weekend function in Las Vegas in July. We are extending our stay there by a day so we can go see Hoover Dam and some other key USA historical sites in the area.

Thanks to both of you and your entire organization Irene! Things are looking VERY promising!” -Client

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