Always ready for your wisdom and expertise

“My first impression of my introduction is that he is much older than me, because of his white hair. I felt very comfortable and easy throughout the whole dinner conversation. After a three hour dinner and a whole day to analyze the information I have learned about him, I do believe that just like what we have talked before that age can be just a number in his case. He is very active and passionate about what he loves like car racing and blues, which I think is a great quality. I would not have problem with my partner’s hobbies and passions, even when those might not be my hobbies. I think that the difference can make your life more interesting and you have the opportunity to learn more because of it. You might remember what I have expressed to you before that I am really interested in seeing more different cultures. I hope that in a couple of years when my daughter starts driving, I can travel more. I don’t know my introduction well enough at this point to know if he is the kind of person who is not only passionate about what he loves, but also susceptible enough to see the benefits of your partner’s interests to your life. I believe that interests can always be developed and that is how one’s life can be enriched. But I also have learned in life that this is not the quality everyone is equipped with. If you have received more information from him directly, please make me aware of it. If you have any advice for me please remember that I am always ready for your wisdom and expertise.” -Client

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