“It Was A Great First Introduction From Start To Finish”

Hello Ms. Valenti,

I had a fabulous time with (name kept confidential) on Saturday night!! I was so nervous when I walked in, and he was waiting at our table with open arms when I got to the table. And I got a huge hug! 🙂 It was a great first introduction from start to finish.. I felt so comfortable and we were just non-stop talking (lots of similar interests and traditions).  He is very handsome, a complete gentleman and super easy and fun to be with. Our personalities seemed to just fit.
He texted me as soon as he got home that night and then again that morning. He has been texting and calling me daily since we met (not over the top- just the perfect amount).
We are going out again this week when he returns from his trips. I just loved that he stepped out quickly from a work dinner tonight to call me—so very sweet of him!
I’m very happy with my Introduction and looking forward to getting to know him better!
Thank you so much,
-Valenti Client
Irvine, CA
Age 45
London • Dubai • Tokyo • Los Angeles • San Diego • Rancho Santa Fe • Mexico City • Austin • Dallas • Naples • Miami • New Jersey • Hamptons

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