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Technology has changed so many aspects of our lives, as well as having an impact on how we find love. The team of matchmakers came across this very interesting interview about how the dating landscape has changed over time, dramatically so in recent years.  In the new documentary Swiped, they explore how popular dating apps have negatively affected the search for love. While the appeal of online apps seems appealing, it capitalizes on the idea that quantity vs. quality is the solution.  But this can be a recipe for exhaustion and disappointment. The filmmaker of the documentary details how these dating sites are primarily businesses that benefit from clients continuing their memberships, vs finding the right match. The ubiquitous “swipe” mechanic in such apps create a process where members enter into a cycle of looking for the next best thing as well as focusing on the superficial. A lasting, committed relationship is something that takes time and dedication. The matchmakers at Valenti International have a deep focus on finding lasting, exclusive commitments.  Each match is made with the long term in mind.  Traditional matchmakers would know each person thoroughly, as well as their families.  We have modernized this process, creating one that is just as profound in our understanding of what our clients need.  Valenti International is a very unique service that combines the wisdom and expertise of a traditional matchmaker, but with a global reach. Our process allows for a more confidential, safe and targeted search for a committed partner.  We work with amazing people all over the world who are all dedicated to finding deep and committed relationships. 

The team at Valenti International is here to help and be your ally in your search for true love. 

–Dr. Edward Hernandez  

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