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Welcome to Valenti Matchmaking, where unparalleled expertise meets the art of connecting hearts. With a legacy stretching back to 1990, Valenti Matchmaking is not just the best high-end matchmaking service; it’s a gateway to a life filled with love and companionship for the discerning individual. We pride ourselves on our commitment to quality over quantity, ensuring that every connection we facilitate is deeply rooted in compatibility and mutual understanding. 

Our services cater to high-end professionals worldwide, offering a bespoke and concierge experience that is unparalleled in the matchmaking industry.

Customized Service

At Valenti Matchmaking, we believe in a personalized approach to finding your perfect partner. Our clients enjoy the privilege of communicating with staff psychologists and an experienced matchmaking team, who work diligently to understand every nuance of your personality, preferences, and aspirations. 

This understanding allows us to offer tailored matchmaking that goes beyond the surface, focusing on deep compatibility in areas such as social and economic backgrounds, family values, spiritual beliefs, and physical attraction. Our unwavering commitment to your success has made us a trusted partner in love for nearly 30 years.

We Find Your Best Potential Match

Our reputation as one of the best high-end matchmaking services stems from our ability to attract the world’s finest and most eligible singles of all ages, in search of a life partner. The Valenti Matchmaking process is a testament to our dedication to quality and compatibility.

Every personal introduction is a result of careful consideration and expert judgment, ensuring that you meet someone who not only matches your expectations but also has the potential to be the love of your life.


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Commitment to Your Success With Balance

We understand that finding the right partner is a journey of the heart, and we are committed to being with you every step of the way. Valenti Matchmaking works on a specified retainer basis, with at least half of our fees being paid only upon our client’s success. This structure reflects our confidence in our ability to find you the perfect match and our dedication to your journey towards love.

Concierge Experience: Tailored for Your Lifestyle

As a high-end professional, your life is a testament to hard work and dedication. However, finding time for personal relationships can be challenging amidst your busy schedule. 

The Valenti Concierge Experience is designed to seamlessly integrate into your life. We manage every aspect of your initial romantic rendezvous with precision and care. From selecting the perfect venue to arranging transportation and cuisine, every detail is curated to reflect your desires and privacy needs. 

This full-service, in-house department ensures that meeting that special someone is not only safe and romantic but also perfectly aligned with your lifestyle.

We Find the Best Match, Because We Focus on Each Client Individually

Our success as a high-end matchmaking service lies in our focus on individual client needs. Our team goes above and beyond to understand you and find someone who compliments you in every aspect. We believe that the foundation of a loving relationship is a deep understanding. We are dedicated to making your journey towards love both confident and insightful.

High End Matchmaking

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Based in Rancho Santa Fe, Valenti Matchmaking has been the choice of high-end earners worldwide for over three decades. Owned by Irene Valenti, our service stands as a beacon of hope for those seeking a meaningful and loving relationship. Select Valenti Matchmaking for:

  • Impeccable discretion
  • Personalized matchmaking services tailored to your unique needs
  • A team of experienced professionals dedicated to your success in love 

Your journey towards finding the perfect partner should be as exceptional as you are. At Valenti Matchmaking, we promise to deliver nothing less than the best high-end matchmaking services, carefully crafted to bring you closer to the love you deserve. 

Join us in this journey, and discover the beauty of a life shared with the right partner. Call now to begin your journey!

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