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Helping Our Clients Through All Stages of Relationships for More Than Thirty Years.The Valenti Experience

"For many of my clients, ultimate success means being introduced to the love of their life whether that exists in the form of marriage, or a committed and loving romantic relationship. Others however, simply desire a little guidance and support along with selective introductions to like-minded, compatible individuals. They seek a safe and romantic way to meet quality individuals of all ages at similar stages on their relationship journey. We are experts in meeting our clients wherever they are on their path and we are highly equipped to assist them in achieving their personal relationship goals." -Irene Valenti, founder Valenti International Matchmaking.

I am so extremely impressed with Valenti International

I am so extremely impressed with Valenti International.  They are so professional and they have quality clients that they introduce you too.  I love the way they handle the matchmaking.  I have been introduced to some spectacular men I would never otherwise have a chance to meet.  I am grateful for all the help  and it’s been such a pleasure working with the team. I strongly recommend using them as your tool to find true love.


Lena, Rancho Santa Fe

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This was a perfect Match!

Dear Valenti Matchmaking Team,

Tina and I met earlier this week. The restaurant was a great choice and we had a great time together. I think she is pretty and has a beautiful figure. I like the way she dresses and carries herself. The conversation was easy right away and things were very natural all along dinner.  We were almost the last ones in the restaurant.  Tina seems very friendly and I had the feeling she was enjoying our time together just as I was.  She has a variety of interests which makes think she enjoys life and is happy. She is very bright and very passionate about her work.  I would very much like to see her again.

This was a perfect match and we agreed to meet again to get to know each other better.  I hope a romance will develop.

Best Regards,


She is the epitome of the American Entrepreneurial Spirit

Irene Valenti is not only an insightful, skilled and successful match-maker extraordinaire, but she is the epitome of the American entrepreneurial spirit and business acumen.  Valenti International existed well-before internet dating and puts those sites to shame; there is no comparison between the two process. Irene gives you the personal attention that you need and deserve when embarking on a “transaction of the heart”.  Valenti International’s success rate is un-Matched (excuse the pun).  Irene is much more than a match-maker; she’s a relationship builder! Well done.

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He has a beautiful heart

Dear Karina,

Thank you for arranging last weekend. It was a lot of fun and a very interesting adventure in the Wild West.  Surprisingly I enjoyed myself very much and felt as if I had known him for a very long time.   Behind his rough and tough side he has a beautiful heart.  I found him very funny, attractive …over all a great gentleman just like Irene described him.  I was able to be my authentic self around him right away.  Thank you for introducing me to him.


I am happy to be working with Irene Valenti

I am happy to be working with Irene Valenti and Valenti International. I have met several men through Valenti International that iI would not have met ob my own.  The men are exceptional-successful, handsome, accomplished and true gentlemen. In addition, these men are motivated to find their soul mate and are ready for a relationship. I have even received a marriage proposal from a gentleman that I met through Valenti.

Irene and the matchmaking team are professional and polished, yet are also very encouraging and supportive.

I highly recommend Valenti International, which offers a very special and unique matchmaking service.

Jillian Ann Google Review

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