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There is no fee or obligation to discover how we work.1. Contact

We have real people answering our phones.
An in-depth conversation begins the process that allows us both to determine mutual compatibility.

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Discover more about the Valenti Matchmaking Process.2. Consult

Feel comfortable with our discreet, confidential service.
With a diverse, worldwide clientele, client consultations often take place by phone. We also welcome in-person meetings at our headquarters in Rancho Santa Fe, California.

A private consultation with a staff psychologist.3. Psychology

Through this process, you gain valuable insight about yourself.

Valenti provides a detailed, private consultation with a staff psychologist trained in relationships and matchmaking.

You will also discover whether you are ready to invest in the process, and whether Valenti Matchmaking is the right fit for you.

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Select the matchmaking package that is right for you.4. Agreement

You are worth it.

Every day, people hire specialists, such as financial advisors, for many aspects of their lives.
You’ve made the choice to use a professional to help you find someone special.
It’s efficient and effective.
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The introduction process is tailored to accommodate your preferences.5. Matchmaking

Matches are made based on everything we’ve learned about you for an initial encounter filled with romance and excitement.

Every detail is planned to create an environment that makes getting to know each other comfortable and enjoyable.•-P_Stocksy_txpa205ed56ihB000_Large_166483.jpg

Introduction Feedback.6. Client Support

This two-way communication supports clients every step of the way.

Sharing and receiving feedback after your introduction is key, as we guide you through the process of making a romantic connection.

Even after a successful match is established, we are available to offer guidance and support.

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