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“I truly know in my heart of hearts that there is someone for everyone out there,” says Irene Valenti, president of Valenti International. And it is this belief that makes her so good at what she does.
Commonly regarded as the founder of what is today referred to as “matchmaking,” Valenti understands how tricky the dating scene can be for singles. “One of the most difficult things about dating is to put yourself out there emotionally, time and time again, not knowing about the other person’s agenda,” she says.
Taking an innovative approach, Valenti International employs licensed psychologists to understand, assist and match each client personally to their ideal mate, taking their personal history and preferences into consideration. “Our company does not take everyone,” states Valenti. “We are not a dating agency, but rather are in search of that one person who will be the best match for you.”
With a strong focus on family values, depth of understanding, dignity and confidentiality, the company gets to know its clients on a personal level, and uses this knowledge to help them in their search.
Despite the heartache and hurdles that dating can present, Valenti maintains a refreshing, positive outlook. “We never lose hope for anyone,” says Valenti. “We have seen miracles happen over and over again.”
Although she trusts in true compatibility and happy endings, this relationship guru is realistic about love. “Ultimately, each of us is responsible for our own happiness and we cannot be responsible for someone else’s,” she says. “The best we can do is to make a decision to commit ourselves to our partner, and it is this decision, this commitment, which allows us to overcome challenges and remain in a healthy relationship.”
A happy mother of three, Valenti’s own children and extended family members are involved in the business, which makes it much easier for her to achieve balance. “My work is my life and vice versa,” she says. “Since my family has always been involved with the company, I am always in my element.”
Founded in 1990, during a time when matchmaking was not as prevalent as it is today, Valenti International was a pioneer in its field. “I realized that successful people really had nowhere to go to find someone,” explains the Alberta native, who moved to San Diego to establish her company. “These people hired consultants to help them in other areas of their businesses and lives, and it was time for a specialized relationship expert to assist them with the most important part of their lives – romance,” Valenti explains.
A dedicated humanitarian, Valenti’s plans for the future involve helping others. One such goal was recently realized with the inauguration of The Valenti International Foundation, a non-profit foundation dedicated to helping the most vulnerable and often overlooked groups in society, our children and our elderly.
Valenti says that her dolce vita consists of family, friends, fun and food. “These are the simple pleasures of life and when we concentrate on them and them alone – we find peace, harmony and happiness in our lives.”
Dolce: What is your favourite city?
Valenti: San Diego
Dolce: Who is your favourite designer?
Valenti: Valentino, Dolce & Gabbana, Oscar de la Renta.
Dolce: What car do you drive?
Valenti: Porsche
Dolce: What is your next travel destination?
Valenti: Dubai
Dolce: What is your favourite meal?
Valenti: Italian food

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