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Do you know the top traits women are looking for in a man? According to an article published in Men’s Health magazine, 1000 American women ages 21 to 54 were surveyed in two online polls and revealed that women rated traits relating to character and personality much higher than they scored attributes reflecting physical attractiveness.

Opinion Research Corporation and conducted the surveys. Traits and characteristics were organized into categories regarding character, personality, practical skills, and physical attributes. Among character traits, faithfulness topped the list followed by dependability, kindness, moral integrity, and “Fatherliness.”
The top five personality traits ranked sense of humor number one, with intelligence, passion, confidence and generosity in descending order. In the practical skills category, listening led the list, followed by romancing, performing well in bed, cooking, cleaning, etc. (chores) and earning potential. The physical attributes most admired by women ranked sense of style at the top, followed by a handsome face, height, muscular build and fitness.
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