Irene Valenti recommends that couples refrain from nagging

A new study suggests that being hassled by or arguing a lot with spouses, neighbors or relatives can shorten a person’s life. And that men, particularly those who are unemployed, are particularly vulnerable.
The details are outlined in a TIME article by Belinda Luscombe who reports on the findings of a Danish research study in which almost 10,000 Danish men and women aged 36 to 52 were asked about their daily social interactions.

The results were published online in the Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health and revealed that nine percent of the participants reported always or often experiencing demands or worries from their partner, 10% from children, 6% from family and 2% from friends. And 6% always or often experienced conflicts with their partner, 6% with their children, 2% with their family and 1% with friends.
During the 11 years that the Danes were followed, 4% of the women and 6% of the men died, mostly of cancer, but also of the usual life-ending ailments: heart disease, liver disease from drinking, or accidents and suicide.
“In this study, we found that men were especially vulnerable to frequent worries/demands from their partner, contradicting earlier findings suggesting that women were more vulnerable to stressful social relations,” write the authors, Rikke Lund, Ulla Christensen, Charlotte Juul Nilsson, Margit Kriegbaum, and Naja Hulvej Rod, all of the University of Copenhagen, Denmark.
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