From a gentleman's point of view: she is a 10!!

Hello, it went great!!!! she is a 10!!! She arrived with a big smile!!! and that’s my first priority!! a happy girl. Second honest girl ..3rd I am looking for good inside girl…and I think she has all the 3!!!
In exterior beauty she is a 11…and I think I am a 7 ..but I am more interested in the inside..but look like she is a very nice human being..very smart!!!! very classy!! very well dressed!!! easy to talk…natural…!!!
We talk from 9….to 2 in the morning..until the restaurant closed!!!!
I was a little shy.. didn’t know how to… I am no expert …but she is very natural…and very good talk…!! but after one hour I just plain forgot about everything!!!
I told her since the beginning I was looking for something serious that I was old fashion I have only one questions for the all system…that I was not a billionaire not to expect yachts, and private jets that I have and live a good life. Didn’t talk about the past ..both of us. I talked about roots, her family and what she does and she likes yes I asked if she would like to see each other again and she said yes. I wanted to see her the next day but want to go slow myself. In about a month I will finish some heavy work and will have lots of free time. Looks like she has a lot of brains well educated. I told her maybe too quickly about 3 things. No drama, no drugs, and free from leftover from past relationship. She was not the girl Irene told me in the beginning but my fit was perfect! Irene told me she was going to send me a profile but I liked they way it was. I want to see her at least 5 tines and wont like to meet another girl. But you can introduce her to some more guys not a problem. I am on a weekend trip with friends and want to make the deposit I told Irene send me the number of an account. Let (name withheld for privacy) I’ll be free and let her decide I don’t want to see nobody until I talk and see her several times. She was great I love her smile. Have you heard from her? Ok thanks for everything I am leaving now great weekend!
~Client in Mexico

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