The plight of the homeless shouldn’t be only a holiday concern

The holiday season is traditionally also the time of giving. Valenti International has a long tradition of philanthropy and this year we have chosen to help an unfortunately growing population, homeless families. Solutions for Change is a very unique program create to help homeless families not just with housing, but also with support, resources, and training.

During the holidays, many people give not just financial support, but also volunteer their time to help those in need. The relationship experts at Valenti International support this, but also encourage everyone to make giving a year round endeavor. By reaching out to others in need, you not only help those directly by your efforts, you can help make the world a better place. Lead by example, make the leap to talk to and help those not as fortunate as yourselves. I spoke about giving and about homelessness this week on Transition Radio. I hope that you’ll enjoy our lively discussion about this serious issue.


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