Spending time alone is an import part of emotional health

People are strongly social creatures. We enjoy sharing life with our loved one and friends. The prevalence of social media has also heightened our ability to connect and share our lives. But there may be a false belief that being alone is a bad thing. Spending time alone is an import part of emotional health.

When we spend time alone, it is an opportunity to grow and learn about yourself. You are free to feel, think, and experience, anything that you want. This sounds obvious, but many people rarely allow themselves this simple right. Much of life can be spent taking care of others, or perhaps doing what others expect of them. Without giving time for free expression, people can feel misunderstood or feel like they having nothing of their own. Some may feel pressures to always be with someone, as if being alone is a failure of some kind. Many unhealthy relationships have their genesis in people trying to fill a space in their lives and not be lonesome. It is so much better to be alone and happy than miserable in an unhealthy relationship.

While it can be a little anxiety provoking at first, try increasing your comfort level with being alone. The more you can enjoy it, the more you will come to accept and enjoy yourself. As people invest time into themselves, they can gain more satisfaction and direction in their lives!


The team at Valenti International recommends the following article. It is a nice exploration about the benefits of spending time alone, as well as ways to use it as a time to grow and be happy!





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