A Step-by-Step Guide to Stop Negative Thoughts.


As we discussed in our last blog, negative thinking can deeply interfere with finding love and happiness. If left unchecked, these pessimistic thoughts can become automatic, coming up when you try to get ready to out yourself out there and meet someone new. But how can you actually put a stop to these thoughts? The team of matchmakers at Valenti International found this interesting article that clearly described how to do it!

The way to stop negative thoughts like “I will never find someone” or ”I’m too old to find love again” is to take clear steps to identify your negative thoughts, be able to interrupt and pull yourself out of that negative mental space, and then be able to look at yourself and the world with clear eyes. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a very useful and applied way to understand and change how beliefs and behaviors impact each other. By taking concrete actions, you can have a direct and an observable impact on how you feel!

The first step is to first identify your negative or discouraging thoughts. Next, immerse yourself into the feelings that you experience when thinking negatively. The key next step is to physically stop thinking about these troubling beliefs. Saying out loud “stop” is a great way to help change you focus and interrupt things. Using a timer on your phone or clock is also useful. The bell or alarm that sounds after a few minutes can help build familiarity with changing one’s mindset. Like any exercise, it may feel awkward and difficult at the beginning. But just like muscles that get stronger with exercise, the skills to stop negative thinking build and get stronger, allowing you to do this effortlessly.


The team at Valenti hopes that by utilizing skills like the ones presented here can help you get ready for a lasting, healthy committed relationship!






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