Top 3 Reasons Professionals Have It Tougher Finding Love

Love at the Office?
Finding love for a professional can be tough!

Smart, successful, and accomplished professionals are finding it harder than ever to find love in today’s world.   While it seems like our planet is shrinking and technologies like social media allow people to feel in touch all over the world, when it comes to their intimate personal lives, many are finding it lacking. How can attractive, intelligent, quality people not be able to find love? Well, there are many reasons that busy professionals can have it tougher when it comes to romance. These following reasons are also why many professionals seeking out matchmaking for help.


Why professionals have it tougher when it comes to romance:

  1. As many professionals can attest, success comes after hard work and quite often, many long hours. Business, medicine and industry are all endeavors that increasingly demand more from the career minded. The dedication that it takes to create a business or get a promotion can leave many with little time or energy to find the right relationship. Many professionals also have to travel quite a bit, further reducing the time and resources they have left for a personal life. While for most this hectic time can be temporary, for others it can quietly come to dominate their life, leaving little space for romance.


  1. While some people do find their partner at their workplace, this too has become much more complex in recent years. The dynamics between employees and company leadership has become a hotbed for controversy. There is no doubt that in the past power dynamics led to the potential of sexual harassment and abuse of power. In today’s professional world, there is much better management of co-worker relationships, but it also leads many people to look outside of the workplace for relationships. It can be a much simpler professional life when romance is kept completely separate. However as mentioned previously, given the demands of a successful career, there may be little time for a personal life outside of work.


  1. For women professionals, there can be added pressures and complications. Many women are now dedicating their early adulthood to building strong and successful careers. However, this often comes at the price of sacrificing a personal life and delaying life events such as marriage and children. There is an unfair double standard for professional women such that taking time off to raise a family is seen as a problem in the business world. This in turn, may lead to professional women putting off their life goals until later in life. As age ranges rise, the fact is that there are less candidates available who are at the same place in life and who would be a wonderful match.


Given these challenges for professional singles, it is no wonder that many successful and attractive professionals come to matchmaking firms like Valenti for help!


Valenti Matchmaking has been helping amazing professionals find loving partners for twenty-seven years. We have created a unique system that allows the team of matchmakers to deeply understand what our client is seeking as well as conceptualizing their values, goals and passions. This starts with a one on one interview with one of our doctors and experts in human behavior. But it also continues, as we remain involved during each introduction to gather feedback. This feedback is in turn utilized to better refine each client’s matchmaking profile. The team also delivers feedback to our clients, as we want everyone to view this as a growth opportunity!


The team at Valenti has received glowing feedback over the years in our success. Quite often clients liken our work to using a headhunter to find the right candidate for a position. Naturally finding a romantic partner is infinitely more intimate and complex, but there are similarities. Since Valenti Matchmaking has international reach, we have clients across the globe. Our clients can have access to amazing people who they would otherwise never have an opportunity to meet. Even people who are already highly mobile and well traveled may have found that the actual circle of available and appropriate singles they encounter is in reality, quite small. Privacy is also something that is extremely important to Valenti and its clients. Everything is held in strict confidence. Since many of Valenti’s clients are higher profile, keeping their personal life private is another reason that professional matchmaking is so appealing.


Matchmaking for professionals is an exciting and popular way for smart and successful people to find the love of their dreams. Let the professional matchmakers at Valenti do the legwork and find your perfect match. Life is meant to be shared!


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