Valenti International Is Title Sponsor for The Del Mar Thoroughbred Club Opening Day At the Del Mar Race Track

Valenti International Matchmaking was the first-ever title sponsor of Opening Day at the Del Mar Thoroughbred Club. Learn more as Lauren Holzman, Valenti International Publicist, shares more about Valenti Matchmaking and how we are promoting at the races…
Exclusive Valenti Black Cards were handed out to attendees at the Del Mar Race Track as part of Valenti Matchmaking’s sponsorship. Valenti Black Cards are worth $10,000 toward matchmaking services and were offered on opening day. Married people and those that are romantically attached are encouraged to pass the Valenti Black Cards to their friends or family members who could benefit from Valenti Matchmaking’s services. 
Valenti’s publicist, Lauren Holzman was interviewed by KUSI-TV San Diego. Watch the interview here: 

For more information concerning the Valenti Black Cards, please call Valenti Matchmaking at 858-759-9239.

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