10 Tips for the Perfect Companionship

Companionship is that state of being friends, a closeness or familiarity, a true connection between two people who are truly connected.

Companionship can come with or without a sexual aspect, and it goes much deeper than “friends with benefits.” It lasts beyond hardship, cooled passion or the ordinariness of life. Many people are torn between companionship and romantic love because they crave passion.

People who offer companionship put into the relationship their effort, concern and time. Companionship is lasting, and if it is coupled with sexual desire, can be an experience that goes far beyond erotica and into a true state of enlightened sexual satisfaction.

Companionship takes hard work and the benefits are stronger than a strictly romantic relationship. If you are in a relationship and thinking about ending it because it does not bring you enough passion, think twice.

Read through the following steps and ask yourself if you are putting the necessary work into developing a truly fulfilling companionship.

  1. LISTEN.  Make it a point to agree to have intelligent conversations as opposed to arguments. Listen to your partner with an open heart and do not get angry when something negative arises. Listening comes with emotional maturity; do your best to take things your partner says as as they are intended, and give them the benefit of the doubt that they are coming from a place of love.
  2. RESPECT.  In order to be in a successful committed companionship that includes passion, sex and romance, respect is paramount.  Everyone has outside commitments (if not, you need to), make sure that you are mindful and respectful of each other’s time, privacy, and your partner’s need to spend time with other people and on other activities that may not include you.
  3. HONESTY. This one speaks for itself. Be honest with your partner, if you cannot be honest with her, what is the point? The alternative is exhausting!
  4. NEEDY. Until you are in a committed companionship, you should be able to take care of yourself without constant aid from your partner. Nothing is less sexy than a needy person who cannot entertain themselves. A healthy companionship should include giving each other time and space to spend time with family and other friends.
  5. TRUST. Start by trusting your partner; unless someone gives you a reason to distrust them, everyone deserves to start with a clean slate. Trust with your companion means that you think they are reliable, you have confidence in them and you feel safe with them physically and emotionally.
  6. PERSONAL GROOMING.  Do not get so comfortable around your companion that you are not paying attention to yourself.  Simple things like brushing your hair, fresh breath, and well-fitting clothes can do absolute wonders for any relationship, especially if you are in a companionship that involves sexual intimacy. People tend to relax when they know each other well, but make sure to check yourself before you decide to get too comfortable.
  7. TAKE IT SLOW.  If you are just beginning a new companionship, make sure you are not jumping into anything too fast. Take it slowly and take the time to really get to know each other before you commit.
  8. SHOW, DON’T TELL. Your annoying eighth grade English teach was right.  If you care about someone, you need to show them you care.  Words are a dime a dozen, but sincere actions are worth a million bucks.
  9. FOCUS. Put your phone down! When you’re on a date or just strolling on the beach, answering texts or taking routine phone calls sends a message that your companion is not a priority for you. Make an agreement that you will both set your phones to silent so that you can fully engage with each other. All mobile phones have the capability to have custom ringtones for select people. pick a custom ringtone for your family members so that it’s clear who is calling or texting.
  10. INTIMACY. If you want a successful commitment, you need to resolve to work hard to build and maintain a sense of closeness, familiarity, warmth and affection.  Intimacy is more than just sex; it’s a closeness that is essential in any romantic relationship.

While these are not in any particular order, each tip is equally important.

It takes work to make a relationship last, and a successful companionship is the most romantically rewarding relationship any two people can have.

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