God Has Answered My Prayers..

Dear Irene,
I want thank you and the team SO much for introducing me to (name kept confidential)
He is perfect in every which way we immediately clicked and we talked the first night from 10 pm until 6 am next day truly enjoyed his company. I honestly felt like god has answered my prayers.. I felt like I knew him forever, even though we just meet and I have not had the instant level of connection with human in my entire life.
Of course my brain start to question if this is really happening and raise million question how is it all going work and the answer is one step out time. I honestly loved his jokes his stories from childhood everything about him I didn’t want the weekend to end knowing that lll be in opposite side of the world. Couldn’t understand how these walls I have been building around me to protect my heart could be knocked down in few hours…I’m beyond grateful,  I hope he feels the same way about me  and that we can spend rest of our lives together.If it not I’m still grateful to know these incredible feelings and connection exist.
Thank u again VERY MUCH

Valenti Client,

Age 36

Fort Lauderdale, FL

(Introduction took place in Dubai)

London • Dubai • Tokyo • Los Angeles • San Diego • Rancho Santa Fe • Mexico City • Austin • Dallas • Naples • Miami • New Jersey • Hamptons

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