Valenti Estate wants to help you plan a wedding in under 3 months

With the June wedding season around the calendar corner, following are tips from the Valenti Estate wedding venue team in Rancho Santa Fe, CA, to planning a wedding in 3 months or less! First and foremost, book the facility where you want your wedding to take place. Some locations book out a year in advance, but there are always cancellations, so your first choice may open up. Make sure you have a written plan in place and schedule time off from work or other obligations in advance.

Don’t hesitate to recruit family and friends who could be valuable resources in securing vendors and making phone calls on your behalf. Booking the venue is the top priority, but caterers and musicians also need to be booked as soon as possible. To speed the process along, create a “dream menu” for the food and develop a list of musical selections that are your top preference. Most musicians can accommodate your requests, but they need a couple weeks to rehearse.
And don’t forget to book photographers/videographers to document your special occasion…they may not need as much notice, but your photo album will last a lifetime, so choose well according to your taste!

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