Signs That Depression is Affecting Your Relationship

Problems and conflict in relationships can arise from a myriad of sources. Work related issues, money problems, conflict with in-laws are all examples of easily recognized stressors that can lead to divorce. However, sometimes the source of problems in a relationship comes from within. Depression can profoundly affect one’s life and relationships. It can do so in a manner that is outside of the person’s awareness, if left unchecked. Depression is a condition that can slowly develop over years, quietly shaping how a person can view, understand and ultimately deal with life. Feelings of sadness, lethargy and hopelessness do not only affect the person suffering from depression, but they can also affect their loved ones. Pulling away from loves ones or even lashing out in anger can both stem from a building depression. However, there is always hope.

Depression is a condition that can be successfully dealt with. Professional help via therapy, or even medications, can assist a person recognize and cope with life’s challenges in a more effective way. But where to start? The beginning point in overcoming depression is to first recognize if it is truly impacting one’s life. The team of matchmakers at Valenti International found this quick article that identifies some warning signs that depression is taking hold and having an impact on one’s relationship. When a person can more easily recognize these signs, they can more quickly act to be sure they make the best decisions in their relationship. Relationship partners can also be great supports and allies, helping to keep depression at bay and to help the relationship flourish in love.


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The team at Valenti also wanted to add this wonderful podcast with our Founder Irene Valenti about living and recovering from depression:


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